Samara goes to the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

I don't miss Canada's weather today...

Note: The first few blogs will be a tad longer than those that follow.

Men in traditional white outfits, a warm wind and beautiful palm trees welcomed me into the Emirates. The greenery is breathtaking, even though it is all transplanted and depends on a strong watering support system. It took effort to stay awake after only 2 hours of sleep during the 16-hour flight, but I managed to keep my eyes open until my mother and I made it to our friend’s welcoming king-sized bed. Ten and a half hours later I peeled myself up and opened my eyes to this strange yellow thing peering through our window, which I later realized was the sun. It has been so long! We were soon reunited as my mom, Ms. A (owner of the house and bed for the God’s) and I, went to a local family beach and spent the day wandering around the city, Abu Dhabi. (Abu Dhabi is the name of the city as well as the country, like Quebec and Quebec City, and New York and New York State.)

I have travelled a lot and though I am tall and generally stick out like a carrot in a bowl of potatoes, I actually blend in quite well here. Hence, one would think I get stared at less. However, here it is like we are all carrots, but I am the yellow kind, which everybody wonders about. Sometimes I wonder if I should help some people pick their chin off the floor, or if they are okay to manage on their own. Having an Arabic name does not help. I did not even leave the airport before being questioned about being Arabic, why my name is Samara and why I am so tall. I guess it could be worse; I could be that other potato.

Speaking of food, today in the grocery store I asked for mustard. Lady number one thought it may be some form of facial cream. Boy number two had never heard tell of the word, even after my clever description of “the yellow stuff on hotdogs”. Up until lady number three I thought my taste buds would go on strike. Thank God lady number four found the spice aisle.

Sunshine. My own bathroom. Grocery store around the corner. Beaches. Chill time with mother.

This month won’t be so bad.

xo, Samara.


2 thoughts on “Samara goes to the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing this blog! I like it so much. Post links to all the articles you write while you’re there, too- and lots of photos! Oh I miss you I wish I could come visit you there!!! Love!

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