The Islamic dress

Today I learned about how an Islamic woman dresses, and why. There are many different parts and names to an Islamic outfit so I won’t get into much detail, but it goes something like this: in Muslim religion, it is rule that a woman must have her skin covered when in public, because it is “Hiram” (meaning against the rule/not allowed) to have any skin seen (face, arms, legs, etc.) by anybody other than the husband. When we see some Muslim women wearing only the body piece, and who show their hair, it is still against the rule, but they are choosing not follow that rule. However, even if they choose not to follow the rule of their religion, if their husband tells them they must wear the head piece (or any piece for that matter) it must be worn. The woman must always listen to what her husband says, without question.

The sparkles, diamonds and colourful designs are something new to the Hijab. Now, women who wear these are allowed to have them decorated to personalize them. This also means that they possess many, sporting a different style daily. One woman told me she has 17 different Abayas (the body dress) which she gets made for her. Sometimes I see women walking with plain black from head to toe, with only big beautiful brown eyes peeping out. Other times I see only the hair covered allowing flashy jewels to hang from their ears, or with only a piece of the body outfit on, revealing cheetah printed tights and black designer heels. They may also change the “hijab” (the part that wraps around the outside of the head) from black, to floral, diamonds, etc.

Mom and I in a beautiful Mosque
example of a personalized abaya (Google)

Despite the beautiful weather and buildings surrounded by sand dunes, the more I am in the UAE the more I am happy to say I am Canadian.


One thought on “The Islamic dress

  1. Oooh, is this something you wrote for the magazine? Very interesting. I am delighted with the part about the cheetah printed tights and black designer heels.

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