The Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

Look at that stunning architecture 

Flashbacks from the 90s of watching Aladdin hit me today, as we went to a massive mosque, with large white domes only suitable for royalty. This mosque is big enough to hold 22,000+ people in just the main prayer area. Besides that, there are other praying rooms, the second largest chandelier in the world, and the largest carpet in the world. Vines and flowers made of pure marble and jade from China climb the walls, with Arabic writing dancing around them.

Marble and jade flowers

Brilliant blue tiles covered the ceiling, leaving space for flowered-shaped window panes allowing the sun to peep through. It was hot under our Abayas and Shaylas, but we had to wear them inside the mosque out of respect, and the cold marble floor and gentle breeze kept us cool. We washed our feet in a traditional ladies’ washing room, complete with a large round sink with mini sinks attached all around it, each one with it’s own sitting stool. Everything in the mosque is also separated for men and women, including the prayer rooms and washing rooms, even just the one for our feet. Even in the heat the two hours flew by. Religion is so interesting and we can learn so much about culture just by stepping into their prayer room.


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