Horse riding competition

When I first heard that we would be spending a day watching horses jump, I wasn’t honestly excited, but I’m always open to new activities. I’m thankful for this attribute of mine because I ended up really enjoying it. For those of you who have never heard of a horse jumping competition, it is very similar to a dog competition, where they jump over different obstacles in a certain order around the field, earning

One half of the field
and losing points for certain things. Each horse/rider team was different and I learned (some) how to keep track of the points. The whole competition was so pristine; brilliant white pants tucked into shiny knee-high boots, and perfectly fixed jackets or polos. Even the horses’ hair was better braided or shinier than any girl’s I have ever seen. The competition was fun to watch and I even caught myself with a few gasps here and there as a horse refused a jump or a rider fell off, which happened a few times. Not like I’m a name dropper, but it was cool to be that close to the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Maybe I’ll ride some day myself and meet…. Okay, we all know that is not going anywhere, but there’s nothing wrong with a healthy imagination!
Pretty horse


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