Jebel Hafeet hotel

As nice as Rodd’s, Delta and Holman hotels all are, nothing compares to the Jebel Hafeet Hotel mom and I stayed in, complete with a desert view and breakfast for two. A few of you may be expecting a fantastic description of a two-day spa getaway, and as much as I would love to fill you all in, it did not happen. The vouchers we received were, to make a long story short, invalid. The hotel manager felt so bad that he gave us a one night’s stay for half off. With time on our side we soaked up the sun for the better part of the afternoon, bronzing our pasty winter skin and filling our bellies with tabbouleh, hummus and kibbeh by the poolside.We then spent the evening gazing at what I thought would be the most amazing sun set I have seen in my life, but still does not live up to that of Sainte-Anne! However, the desert’s night view and map of city lights were incredible, and something words cannot describe.
The following day we drove the 15 minutes to the top of the mountain where we could see the Sheik’s palace and a lookout point. We could see the entire desert and Abu Dhabi. Driving down the mountain, I stood up through the sun roof enjoying the best view of anyone in the UAE. This was definitely best way to end a sweet two days.

Taking in the sunset
View from my window
Jebel Hafeet hotel


2 thoughts on “Jebel Hafeet hotel

  1. I’m so glad you’re updating so frequently haha, so interesting. I have a friend from UAE but I don’t know too much about it.

    And yeah, gotta love that Claire sunset

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