Global Village

I have been to a few parts of the globe, but yesterday I got a taste of every country at Global Village. At least 40 circus-sized pavillions with a mini-market in each were set up, side by side, running parallel to a bright blue river with boats floating atop. Each tent represented a different country, selling souvenirs and food. In ‘Turkey’ melt-in-your-mouth turkish delight tempted us, while in ‘Africa’ we walked through a jungle of hand-carved giraffes and elephants. Scarfs and dresses were soft to the touch in ‘Afghanistan’ and we saw beautiful paintings of the sakura flowers in “Malaysia.” One of the best parts of the night was in ‘Morocco’ when I got to speak french! The UAE was the last place I’d think I would get to speak french, so I left very happy, and the guys were very impressed that I knew more french than arabic (since everyone here thinks I am Arabic).

The little river at night time

Children ate cotton candy and men sold animal-shaped balloons. The “World Stage” held performances every half hour and we saw a couple african dances and limbo, which were unreal. I could grate cheese on those guys’ abs! An amusement park sat next to the ‘world’ with scents of buttery popcorn luring us to the game stands. I went on a massive ride, which flung me up into the air as if I were holding on to the end of a gigantic flying baton. The adrenaline rush was just what I needed as we were getting tired; the six hours were so much fun but 10pm came quickly, and we still had an hour to drive. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook to see more pictures and videos!

African Dance


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