The Atlantis

One of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen; The Atlantis. Complete with scuba diving, a theme park, and fish that give you pedicures, this hotel would be a dream stay. The lobby closed to visitors, we could only see the food courts and some shopping centers and yet the painted ceilings, beautiful walls and structure sufficed a craving for beauty and art.


4 thoughts on “The Atlantis

  1. Wow!!!! What a fortunate young lady you are to be traveling this wonderful world!!! How lucky am I to be able to live vicariously through your descriptive writing and beautiful pictures!!! I love it!

  2. HAHAHAHA WHAT!?- the fishes give you a pedicure?? Hahaha what do you mean?! They nibble your toes don’t they!! THEY NIBBLE YOUR TOES!!!!

  3. Wow…. se faire manger les pieds par des poissons, ça c’est une chose que je dois ABSOLUMENT essayer.
    *court à l’aquarium pour aller voir les Piranhas*

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