Ferrari World and Golf Tour

Between Ferrari world and Tiger Woods at the European Golf Tour, this weekend may have been the cherry on top of an already perfect cake of a holiday. It is true – I do not own a car, do not drive, nor do I know anything about cars. However, since I was already pre disposed to liking bright shiny jewelry, the attraction to the display of bright red, shiny cars came naturally.

Mom and adrenaline have never been the best of friends, so we were happy to see some slower-paced rides as well, such as ‘Bell’Italia’, a cute scenic “drive” through a miniature Italy. We also enjoyed a twenty-five minute movie, based in Greece about the first road races in the 1920s. To pick things up a bit mom and I joined a simulation race, against five other people. It’s almost the same as racing on a Playstation, Xbox, etc, only the seat moves and there are three screens. Mom came first, and I, second. Go Canadians!!!

We also came across a spectacular acrobat show, copped front row seats and got perfect photo ops. There were break dancers and a trapeze artist. It was like a Ferrari-styled Cirque de Soleil.

My real thrill came with the Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world. It took us to 240 km/hr under 5 seconds, at a 4.8 G force. My cheeks flapped and drool ran but I couldn’t stop smiling as we raced the track. The whole ride was under one minute, but the thrill got my heart pumping and gave me the sensation as if I just drank three RedBulls. The Rossa took up the rest of the night as one time just is not enough. I met a group of people who became my riding partners as mom sat back in a café and enjoyed her book, waiting patiently for me to fill my need for speed.

so excited
Coming off the ride, so happy

As thrilling as our night was, it was great to be able to relax and soak up the sun as we watched the European Golf Tour at the Abu Dhabi golf club the next day. This was very exciting for mom, an avid golf player, especially when we saw Tiger Woods, Robert Rock and Rory McIlroy no further than 15 feet away.

Mom watching Tiger warm up
All excited to see him for real!
Some of the crowd

The Clubhouse
Audrey (Mom’s friend, who’s place we stay at every weekend) and I sat back and watched on the screen, sipping cold sodas and munching popcorn and sushi as mom and her other friend followed the crowd of other golf-obsessed fans. It was nice that after so many weekends of doing everything for me, she could do something so exciting for herself. Meanwhile, I roamed the grounds, taking advantage of the free Henna and calligraphy give aways, all the while catching the rays. Of course I followed the crowd for a few holes, to see all the excitement. I forgot to mention that this was the only day that wearing red would get us in free, being an HSBC-sponsored event, so the whole day didn’t cost us a dime! (Besides food, of course.) Thrilling rides followed by friends, sunshine and sushi; what a perfect weekend!
Audrey and I, bronzed up and happy


2 thoughts on “Ferrari World and Golf Tour

  1. You’re some daredevil sure y’are, drooly-face! Got even more henna did ya? Cool, can’t wait to see 🙂 Awesome entry

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