Bye UAE, Bonjour Pa-ree!

As I sit here watching the sun go down, I can’t help but to feel perplexed; flying into la belle Paris tomorrow night is exciting, yet saying goodbye is somewhat somber. For the last four weekends Mom and I have stayed at our friend, Audrey’s, in Abu Dhabi. Not only did she willingly show me around the city but she joined in the fun and laughter, making it that much more memorable. During the weeks I have had lunch dates with some of the most fantastic and diverse people I know. I now understand why my mother adores her job; her co-workers are fantastic. Between Ms Mirvete from Lebanon, Ms Allison from Antiga (Caribbean), Ms Sandra from Memphis, Ms Sana from Palestine and my own mother from Canada, we have had some of the most outrageous, diverse conversations and belly laughs imaginable. And now thinking of laughs, I can already smell the aroma of coffee from french cafés, and the excitement to reunite with great friends over cheese and wine is only building. As John Gay puts it, “we only part to meet again”. À bientôt!


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