Paris, je l’adore.

Le Louvre has managed to take my breath away yet again, with its ceilings of art hovering over walls painted with history. I never viewed history as beautiful, nor had an appreciation for art until visiting this ancient museum. I gazed at paintings from artists I did not even dare dream to see, such as Divinci, Picasso and Dicaprio. Some favourite statues included The Winged Victory of Samothrace and Cupid and Psyche. Four hours passed quickly in my journey back in time but the cold air and unseen parts of Paris awaited. Getting lost on my way chez les Lepez I came across St.Michel, a beautiful statue fighting a dragon. Even getting lost in Paris is great!

A beautiful ceiling depicting Fallen Angels.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

Les pyramides de Le Louvre

The next day, a cold afternoon breeze brought ringing to my ears. A church bell, perhaps? Then it hit me like a bug on a wind shield; it is not bells, silly me, it is the murmur of excitement over the sales on Champs Elysées! How could I have almost forgotten. The place was packed like a church on Sunday morning in 1805 but I managed to make it through to the beautiful Arc de Triomph in record time, the cold motivating my legs to walk that much faster. After posing for a photo with a Chinese tourist (who knows, maybe she thought I am famous for being tall?) I allowed the sale signs to lure me in to the shops. Cute tops from shops like H&M and Marks and Spencer and scents from Sephora took up my time for the rest of the afternoon.

Arc de Triomphe

My fan! hahaha
Ham flavoured chips? Who would have thought.

The evening brought a beautiful supper of pasta, wine, cheese and pie with the Lepez family. A perfect way to end a perfect stay in Paris.


5 thoughts on “Paris, je l’adore.

    1. haha!! I had to!! I thought she was going to ask me to take a photo of her and her friend but she actually wanted to pose with me!! It was too funny

  1. She probably thought you were a supermodel or something! This looks and sounds amazing. I hope you are having the time of your life girl!

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