The cobble stone streets of Angers welcomed me once more, as I hauled my bag through the small layer of snow, which falls very rarely in this part of France. Lucky me, I get a little taste of home. Maybe because it’s because we have already communicated so often, but I wasn’t nervous at all on my way to meet my first couch surfing hosts. The four girls, Agathe, Camille, Marina and Emmanuelle, welcomed me like an old friend with hot tea, cheese and wine. It has been only four days since my arrival and I already feel like I have known them for much longer. Despite being students in medicine and law, they are the most fun-loving and relaxed people I have met, who go more than out of their way to make me feel at home.

Marina (facing right, Camille, myself, Agathe, and Emmanuelle in front.

Every day has consisted of relaxing mornings with coffee and chat, afternoons of promenading around town, as they are a close walking distance to everything. The eclectic shops and old buildings, narrow ally ways and faded signs gives unique character to the town. Thursday evening brought on swimming for an hour and a two and a half hour Capoeira class (a Brazilian game/fighting sport).The girls all take part and even encouraged me to try. It is one of the coolest sports I have ever seen, which takes years to perfect but once mastered is beautiful and amazing to watch. After, we went Salsa dancing until 2am, and since Thursdays here are “student night”, there were lots of people. At one point I had two of our Brazilian friends, one on each side, arms around my neck, teaching me the moves. As hopeless as my dancing shoes are, it was an incredible time.

Out for an evening stroll

Capoeira practice

Brazilian salsa/samba experts (basically)

Friday night one of the guys from Brazil came over and made an amazing bean/pork/rice Brazilian dish for about sixteen of us. They played Brazilian music with drums and a ukulele and taught us some Brazilian dance moves, which lasted until about 1am. We danced right out the door, down the street and continued at a local club, L’entrepot, then continued at a friend’s house afterwards, all 16 of us. People faded out all through the night, but some partied until 7am. I never danced so much in my life! Between the wine, food, dancing, amazing people and conversation, it was one of the most memorable weekends to date.

cooking time!
The fun continued on Friday. Still at our friend’s house, with about six of us left, we cooked Ratatouille and told stories all day, which is a favourite past time here. I am surprised at how easily we can understand each other, but everyone is still very generous in making sure I understand and am a full part of the conversation. Ahhh J’adore la France!

Learning some new dance moves


4 thoughts on “Angers

  1. L’Entrepot ! Youhouuuuuuuuu ! Best club in Angers Ever !!!!!!!!!!!

    Really funny travel part Samara ! Jealous about capoeira initiation ! I love it.

    Continu to make descriptions of your travel, and pictures.

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