Travelling opens pages that one could never find in a book. Sure, the information can be found in a hardcover, but the true understanding and appreciation is not reached to its fullest potential.
Being in France has opened my eyes to many things, one being the wonderful sport of Capoeira.

(not my photo)

Capoeira, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary is “a Brazilian dance of African origin that incorporates martial arts movements such as kicks and chops”.

What it doesn’t include is the beauty, passion, sweat and effort it takes to perfect such a sport. It is also accompanied by drums, a ukelele and Portugese song. During my stay in Angers, with the four girls, I had the chance to attend their Capoeira practice. I took part in as much as I could then stood back, gawking at the more advanced moves. Being given that the girls are friends with two Capoeira teachers, I also got to see some expert moves, fights and single person shows, mostly online, of their own personal collection.

Capoeria practice

and flip!

Click here to watch one of the guys I met, in the Angers Capoeira club, or
here to see a two-person show.

Imagine the time and discipline!! The perfect collaboration and how they so weightlessly flip their bodies like ragdolls on strings is unreal. Although it is more than likely too late to perfect now, I wish it would come to PEI so I could start!


5 thoughts on “Capoeira

  1. You could totally be great at Capoeira Samara! I will play the ukulele and learn Portuguese for you, then be your accompaniment.

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