Chez Aline

Galette de rois
My friend, Aline, who I met at school during the five-week Spring session, was supposed to be in Canada, but after having some troubles with her VISA ended up in France a little longer than expected (lucky me). I got a whole two days hanging out with her! We went to visit her grandparents, where I got to try a real galette de rois, a french pastery-like cake. It comes with a crown and has a hidden gem or bean in it, and who ever finds it in their piece gets to wear the crown and serves the next cake. We didn’t find it, but assumed it was in the piece left over.

Wishing we could go for a spin!
Later we visited some of her cousins (she was leaving for Canada the next day, so went to say her goodbyes). They had the cutest house! After more cake and a card game next to a cozy fire place, we met her parents back home, who welcomed us with a delicious meal. I said my goodbyes the next day after some coffee and shopping, which wasn’t so bad knowing I’ll see her again soon. It was great to see you Aline!
Her big list of coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Missing you lots!


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