Summer in March

beach day in March..why not!
This was quite the weekend. Not only did I see the narrowest road in the WORLD (according to Guiness World Records, 1987), but went dancing until 5am in a real “boite de nuit” aka nightclub. The road, Rue L’Enfer, leaves me befuddled; roads are for cars but if I were to gain a couple hundred pounds I wouldn’t even be able to fit in that crooked space, let alone a vehicle….so what makes a road a road? If you can actually tell me, feel free to leave a comment….Annnnnyway, Les Sables d’Olonne (home to this mysterious road) is a small touristy town close to Mathilde’s university. It was a perfect day for promenading outside, being 17 degrees and sunny. I tried another macaroon, nougatine flavoured, which was delectable, but chocolate rests at number one. Mathilde, Marion, Anothony G and I strolled by the beautiful beach side as if we’re in some other world and winter doesn’t exist (I wish).
I will miss these, a lot.

Why would this be called a road if cars can't fit?

Does this mean competition?

Just the perfect size!

Marine et Moi
Friday we went back to Getigné (chez Mathilde) then to Nantes for a potluck at her friend’s apartment. Partying is very different here, as I am used to coming home around 1 or 2 am, where as we don’t even leave the apartment until 2 and stumble out of the dance club at 5. Left over mini pizzas and brownies from the potluck made for a great breakfast.
I don't know how well I'd do in apartments here...

Anne, Mathilde,Aurélie, Marine, Mathilde 2 et Moi
Student life here is really quite similar to the student life at home; friends, studying, parties and after a couple of drinks, speaking a whole other language (literally speaking, as conversation has turned english half way through every party I have been to). They love my accent and I love theirs!
loving life


One thought on “Summer in March

  1. chocolate rests at number one
    good to see how much French you’ve been at 😉
    love both the posts!!! especially the pic of you on the slide HAHAHA!
    please, I want some macaroons too! xoxo

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