School time!

I miss being 10 years old, although I was probably too big for the slide then, too...
I’ve made myself at home in the ‘student town’ of La Roche Sur Yon for the last week, which is where Mathilde, Marion and the two Anthonys go to school (the four I met at my university in Canada) at ICES, Institut Catholique d’Études Supérieures. The whole place can be seen in a day yet is perfect for students as cars aren’t necessary and bars are not but a ten minute stumble away. Despite it’s small size, La Roche has everything for everybody; the Friday morning markets with fresh produce, fish, bread and cheese and a couple of grocery stores, enough boutiques to waste time on a nice day or to give a fix to the oniomanias, shopoholic, shopping addict, complusive buyer (they’re all the same, call it how you’d like) and even a few toy stores for the youngsters. ICES is also small, consisting of one main building and a library, but with no more than 900 students, it serves it’s purpose.
They forgot the second hole!

During the week I happily took advantage of the school’s wireless since there is no internet in her apartment (most of the time) and went into two of Mathilde’s English classes. It was interesting to see what they studied and how it was so similar to the exercises I have done while learning French, such as watching a short documentary while answering questions about it at the same time. I also read a story out loud so the class could hear a different accent other than the English from England of the prof. Translating an English text into French was their task in the second class, which was also a help to me!
Always cooking together 🙂 Lunch chez Marion.

Last night, being Thursday and the last night to go out à la Roche (since everyone goes home for the weekend Friday night) about twenty of us went out for crêpes and to a small bar afterwards.
I did the awful and ordered a salad at a crêperie..but as you can see it was a wonderful choice.


3 thoughts on “School time!

  1. Ok…. The place where you’re playing like a child is near my ancient appartment in La Roche. Woooh… It’s so coooooool to catch memories of that.

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