A whole week without internet, and do you know what I realized? IT’S SO HARD!! Ok I’m kidding, but that’s because sightseeing, wine tasting and practicing French kept me busy the whole time. I stayed at a friend’s parent’s house for the week, Roland and Odile, which was like staying at my grandparent’s place, only France-style. I had a daily tour of the massive back-yard garden, and with Roland being an expert gardener I learned about every fruit, vegetable and leaf possible. He also explained how he makes his own alcohool using his very own mint and other leaves. It was seriously impressive, and tasty! (Of course we had taste tests…)

Part of the garden.

This isn't a pet....

A different adventure awaited us daily. Castles a top of rolling hills reminded me of movies like Braveheart and Robin Hood. The fact that it’s still winter amazes me, as the green grass seems to get brighter every day, and mossy rocks gleam in the sunshine.
Le château de Montaigu

Chatêau de Tiffauge

Looks like it came from a fairy tale...

These are still in use!

Not quite strong enough...

We also visited a goat farm, which may not seem like anything special, but have you ever seen 500 goats at one time? It’s actually quite hilarious…they’re such curious little creatures!
What a camera whore!


There were lots of baby goats too!

One morning, while fetching our daily bread from the local boulangerie, we got invited to come back for a tour! Roland was pretty excited about this as he has lived in France his whole life and has yet to see behind the counter of a bakery. They were super nice and even gave me fresh brioche, traditional bread (hand made, and “the best in France”, versus going through the machine process) and a croissante to take home, no charge!
Local Bakery.

Machine method

Fresh bageuttes...yumm

The difference between a regular baguette (top) and traditional (made only by hand). Traditional is much tastier!

We also got a tour of a “cave” where they make and bottle wine. If you’d like to hear about it, check out the most recent post before this, as it was so interesting it deserved its own page.

Most evenings, after supper, we’d read, do crosswords, take trips down memory lane in lots of photo albums, and relax by the cozy fire.

Homemade tizane, put ya right to sleep!

My weekend brought on a trip to Angers to revisit the four girls I first stayed with, Agathe, Marina, Camille and Manue, to celebrate Agathe’s birthday. Food, drinks, music and meeting about twenty more new faces made it an incredibly fun party, which didn’t end until about 8am. It was so great to be back! Next stop – Bordeau!
The original 4 and then some 🙂


One thought on “Vendée

  1. Oohhhh so much fun!!! So you got to see your Angers girls again!!! Yay!!
    Samara I really love your mossy-rocks photo. It’s so great
    Sounds like you are charming a nice few people over there!! 🙂 And learning lots! :)!!!

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