Introducing; the Obela family

Whether it’s fighting dragons, making magical potions or discovering new parts of the garden, every day is interesting here with the Bourdarias family. Coloring, gardening and swimming have become my new favorite hobbies. With four children the house is full of life, color and music. Cécile (mum) and Bienvenu (papa) love to chat, and are constantly singing and dancing, even without music (which is rare). Ambre, 11 (“et demi!!!”), Elohim, 5, Siloë, 3 and Haïlie, 1 and a half, definitely keeps things lively and for sure, a lot of fun.

Haïlie,Ambre,Elohim and Siloë


Bienvenu, enjoying the sunshine



Siloë (sounds like 'see-low-ay')

Haïlie, rockin' my shades, her new favourite toy

The house in the woods has been home for only two weeks but I already feel like part of the family, especially since it’s surrounded by trees and greenery, taking me back to my own childhood. While the kids are in school and when the weather is nice, Cécile and I spend hours telling stories and pulling weeds, transforming the already beautiful children’s paradise for a backyard into a neater play area.

Right in the woods!

This is only one of the gardens, and is actually on top of a roof.

Their windows also serve as doors in every room as the house, making coming and going very easy


A beautiful evening meal outside

They live in Abzac, a tiny town in the middle of all the best vineries. It isn’t far from Libourne, the closest city, where we’d go shopping for clothes or to see a movie. In between the two is Coutra, where we go grocery shopping and where the kids go to school and Haïlie to daycare. Saint-Emilion is also close, a beautiful town made of stone, where we spent one afternoon playing hide-and-go-seek, exploring and taking advantage of the 25-degree weather. We have been been very lucky with the weather this week; I am in fact sitting outside on the patio table, sitting under the sun at 28 degrees at 6pm.


Saint-Emilion Church


One of the many vineries surrounding the house

Evenings bring on tons of laughter, some boardgames and always a delicious meal. Cécile’s kitchen couldn’t be more Samara-suited; the cupboards and fridge are stocked with nothing but all-natural, organic, whole-wheat and bio products, including the fruit, veggies, and lovely selection of nuts. Rice, soy and quinoi milk replace cow’s milk and there is even 100% coco, which I add to my coffee.
Chai tea has become a bed time tradition, steeped with half a pot of hazlenut rice milk and honey… c’est fantastique!
Playing some boardgames outside

Things to be found in the backyard; toys,lizards,flowers,and lots of nuts!

These guys are so fast, it's so hard to snap a photo!

A week after I got here, Cécile and Bienvenu welcomed another traveller, Judith, from Germany, who is also in France to improve her french. With four kids, Judith, myself, and friends over all the time with their own kids, there is never a boring moment and the time is already going by way too fast. We are all learning a little bit about a different culture and my love for French is growing a little bit more each day.

Judith and I at the local crêperie


2 thoughts on “Introducing; the Obela family

  1. Ahh! I have been waiting for this article so long!!! Oh Samara those kids are so gorgeous. Haha… so happy you’ve found yourself in a spot with such a ‘Samara-suited’ kitchen 😉 Can’t wait to hear about everything in person. xo!!

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