Welcome back, Spring.

Dragons, gypsys, geishas and lady bugs filled our backyard as everyone dressed up in their favourite costume to celebrate the coming of spring. “Mr Carnival” was Cécile’s idea, a day to say goodbye to winter, along with all the bad thoughts and feelings that came with it, and to welcome spring, new ideas, beauty and life. I borrowed a brilliant blue African dress from Cécile, which Bienvenu’s sister brought her as a gift.About 20 or more people came, including children, and brought their own specialty plate, making it a very interesting and delectable potluck.

Haïlie,Elohim and Siloë ready to party

so many choices!

Cécile & I

Judith & I

Getting ready to chow down

"Bissap", a drink made from African flowers, with a pinch of sugar and vanilla. It was delicious!

After lunch, everyone gathered outside and made “Mr Carnival”, the representation of winter. We each took a piece of paper and on it wrote a negative feeling or thought, then stuck it to Mr Carnival, then had a beautiful fire, burning him along with the negitive feelings. Meanwhile, I introduced everyone to the roasted marshmellow, as nobody here has even heard of it, let alone tasted one. Since it was a big hit I brought out the chocolate and buscuits (it was impossible to find real grahm crackers) and made smores, which to no surprise were also a big hit. I was very proud to be able to share a delicious tradition from my part of the world.
Mr Carnival, ready to jump in the flames (except for the feet, which belong to Ambre)

au revoir negativity, au revoir winter!

Introducing the roasted marshmellow

yummy yummy everybody loved them

Time for smores!

Having a great 'ol time.

This week was the community’s turn to celebrate. With a theme of “Around the World”, Coutras (the next closest town) held it’s own carnival with a parade, dancers and a concert. The parade had floats representing different parts of the world, and the dancing involved children and adults alike, varying from line dancing, to salsa and even a bit of hip hop. The concert was the same idea with songs and music from Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe.
Waiting for the floats to come

This couple was representing Canadians!! Loving the plaid!

A wonderfully sunny day

Summer time?

A Trip Around the World - the theme of the carnival

Fly away!

Salsa Dancer

Belly Dancer, but it was too hot to wear the head piece too.

The family, except Ambre who was at a school function.

Cécile, Bienvenu, Haïlie

Kid's costumes

Loving the spring colors.

After the carnival we all (the family, myself and Judith) went to a local crêperie. Cécile had organized a couchsurfing meet, to meet everyone else in the commnity who is also involved in couchsurfing (which is how I met Cécile, and also the girls in Angers with whom I have previously stayed). We ate the most delicious galettes I have had yet, washed down with red wine and followed by a mouth-watering crêpe, topped with the owner’s own hand-made dark chocolate.
Judith and I

My delicious chicken and poireau galette

Judith & I even got a little tour of how they make the crêpes and galettes

So far welcoming Spring has been a blast, and with the weather being 25 degrees+ every day this week, it’s only getting better!

Beautiful colors of Spring


3 thoughts on “Welcome back, Spring.

  1. Wow!! Super cool! That family looks so nice and welcoming! Must be a blast living with them!! 🙂 Wonderful pics!

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