Happy Easter!

Correze; rolling green hills (or what us Islanders consider mountains), rivers running past fully- blossomed lilac trees, towns over a thousand years old and also the home of “Nannie et Grandpa”, where we spent Easter weekend. The two and a half hour drive went by fast enough while testing different music and enjoying the different scenery. The massive hills were a change to the flatter land and cities that I have gotten used to.

In the grandparents’ house a warm fire welcomed us when we got in late, and I awoke to the rooster’s call in the morning. They live about half-way up the mountain, beside other farms giving the children lots of room to explore and of course to look for the Easter Bunny’s hidden eggs.

Correze is also home to a small town, Collenges, “The most beautiful town in France.” It’s not only the beautifully structured buildings that make the picturesque habitat so unique, but it has one of the most amazing 360 degree views I have ever seen. Grazing brown cows hundreds of feet away peek out behind old red brick castles, covered in vines and bright purple lilacs.

It’s a typical tourist town offering ice cream of all flavors, rainbows of macaroons, flavored mustard, gifts, wine and clothing, but I was still surprised that all of the stores were open, being Easter Sunday. Commercialism will win every time! I must admit that this (after the shock and somewhat disapproval faded away) made me happy so I could escape the wind’s chilly bite.

The whole atmosphere is different at the grandparents’ home. Their presence sets a calm and happy mood for the kids and adults alike. The kids enjoyed the television, which they don’t have at home, and Judith and I loved testing out all the different teas and herbs from the garden, keeping warm in front of the cozy fire.

Easter Monday brought on more guests and a delectable family meal of salad, lasagna and of course, cheese and wine x 2, plus chocolate and dessert. The kids discovered new lands and worlds while hunting for eggs in the garden and we headed back home that evening.

Another weekend gone, another beautiful town explored and like always, more laughs and memories made.


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