Puy de Fou attraction Park

Despite the questionable clouds hanging overhead, Damien and I ventured out to Puy de Feu, an attraction park in Vendée, where we went back to Medieval times. Gladiators on cape-covered horses and women in 18th Century dresses surrounded us as we walked through old villages of stone. The captivating history of France came alive through shows lasting thirty to forty-five minutes, teaching me many things I hadn’t earlier known.

The Vikings

These horses got style

Real licorice sticks, just like the old days.

Where to next?

The amount of work put into each show is unimaginable, as there are dancers, animals and fire, water and light effects. Castles move and walls rise, while boats sink into what seems like only a pond and birds fly in and out from everywhere. We saw the six “most important” shows (meaning the longest and most popular) in between exploring and picnicking.

Battle time

The 18th Century Village, and my favourite part of the day, had real stores, with artisans working and producing hand-made objects for sale, varying from statues, paintings, glass decorations, leather accessories and jewelry. The tempting scent of fresh baguettes could also be smelled around every turn. We headed out after about seven and a half hours and still did not see everything. For those of you who love any or all of animals, dancing, french, artistry and history, I definitely suggest Puy de Fou for you.
Warming up after a bit of rain!

Candle making workshop

Wood carving

The equal weight of the wine holds itself up

Hard at work

Hand made furniture from wooden barrels

Glass chess board and hand-made pieces

"Low Street" and "Miniature Workshop" .... funny!

The 18th Century Village, home of the workshops.


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