Sweet Summer Sunshine

After six months of globe trotting summer would be relaxing in comparison, right? Not even a little. Swamped was my summer, with family who flew in from Abu Dhabi, Japan, Texas, Ontario and Alberta. I spent three weeks of shopping, tanning and visiting with my sister, who is normally only home for two weeks of the year but made a special three-week visit.

Myself, Alexia, Mom and Tristan, in Jasper, Alberta.
Alexia and I, famous self portrait!

Thirty-degree weather has been a bonus, especially with my work at Crowbush Cove, a 5-star resort, where I drive the beverage cart outside all day. Vacation time included a weekend of fun with my cousin from Alberta, home to celebrate her big …. magic number which cannot be posted on the internet, when we stayed up until 2am with the rest of the family drinking wine and reminicing about old times.

We also spent a night at the drive-in and a day at The Dunes. Bonfires “out in Morell” are times for only those who have enough energy to handle the amount of laughter and crazy stories which last until about midnight.

The all veggie eggplant burger with pesto and goat cheese. Salad with homemade poppyseed vinaigrette. Yumm.
Shawna and I infront of the Dune’s gardens.
Beautiful paintings
New dress! I also want this couch, and painting.

One cannot forget about Sainte-Anne, the French university which will always have a place in my heart. I went for a weekend to see my friends/coworkers from the five-week spring session and was lucky enough to land on the night of this summer’s staff party. The fact that the party ended up with five of us in a regular sized bathtub, fully clothed, sums it up.

A few of the besties at Ste Anne

Equal parts family and friends evened out with just enough work and more sunshine than ever imagined possible made for a pretty great summer. For the cherry on top of the sundae my second family, the Biggars, drove me to Halifax where we spent the weekend before I left for Sainte-Anne. Halifax is a story on its own, and definitely deserves an honorable blog. I hope you all had equally great summers, and good luck with all your fall adventures!

A beautiful day at the exhibition. Couldn’t pick a better day to spend with my two cousins and friend.

Visits from Ryan made my summer complete, along with these impressive deep fried dill pickles from Hunter’s….can’t you see the joy on his face?!

My beautiful friend Heather and I, laughing up a storm as per usual. Miss you pretty lady!