The perfect Saturday

What makes you happy? I know what makes me happy; friends; the sunshine; a dip in the ocean on a radiant sunny day; a cold beer with good company; a lot of laughter; well-made coffee and fresh strawberries; meaningful conversation; jumping into a lake after sitting in the sun all day. All of this in one day equals one hell of a Saturday and a whole lot of happiness!Image

In all seriousness, leaving the ocean with the pride of getting through what was basically a polar dip, I thought there couldn’t be room for another magical moment quite the same. Oh how I was wrong…..As I sat on the deck of my friend’s camper, there, in the sunshine and directly in front of the view of the ocean, waved two Acadian flags, flowing in the warm breeze, perched beside three fake palm trees and a humming bird, which I soon learned was solar powered, and not, in fact, epileptic.  The image was nonetheless pristine.


Can’t get much better, right? WRONG! À la Shoppe verte! La Shoppe verte is an old building which was remade into a coffee shop/grocery store/restaurant, and also one of the best places to get coffee in Clare along with a sweet Acajun conversation. (If you have yet to have a conversation with an Acadian, you are missing out, mega.) They. Are. The. Best.1059581_10152091793019896_1945697030_n


To finish this spectacular journée we went chez our ami on the outskirts of Churchpoint and swam in the lake, one of the most breathtaking places I have seen. The glistening water just calls out, waiting for you to immerse yourself into its body of tranquility.


For those of you who enjoy being happy, come to Clare, especially in the summer time! C’est super fun et mega beau! And that, my friends, is how to have a perfect Saturday.

Special thanks to Monique, for making this wonderful day happen. You’re a great llama.


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