Chugga Chugga CHOO CHOO

I’m finally doing it. After several months of talking about moving to France for a year to work and explore, here I am walking the walk. But hey, you know me all too well to know that no trip starts with a simple plane ride from one country to the next. I’ve decided to make a few stops along the way in Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa and New York. (Thanks to my aunt and uncle, Tracy and Dan for a great couple of hours and wonderful departure from Moncton!) The beauty, simplicity and most importantly, cheapness of trains have slipped my mind. Yes, strange characters come and go and it takes a day or two to get to your desired location, but the modern-day train setting is no different than your own living room. I spent two hours watching movies, two hours on Skype and an hour in the bar car chatting with fellow university travelers. Sleeping arrangements weren’t so bad either; all 6-3 of me stretched out easily over two face-to-face chairs and my winter coat made for a perfect blanket.


I also just so happened to be right beside the bathroom, so here is a small but very useful piece of information if ever you travel by train: There are two buttons on the outside of the bathroom; a red one to lock the door, and a green one to open it. When the bathroom is in use, the door locks and an ‘occupied/occupé’ on the outside sign lights up. Sometimes when people leave the door will lock behind them, leaving the occupied sign lighted but the bathroom empty. People end up waiting a long time for someone to come out. Now here is the solution: there is a small switch on the ceiling directly in front of the bathroom door. If you flick it once or twice and press the green open button, the door should unlock and open. I have saved some seriously suffering bladders in the last couple of hours.Image


So besides the train being two hours late, a couple of drunk friendly locals and a woman waking me up due to hysterical laughing in her sleep, my adventure is off to a smooth start. Next stop Montreal! Image

                                 I got to see this beauty in Moncton!! What a great start! xoxo




5 thoughts on “Chugga Chugga CHOO CHOO

  1. That shot out of your window of the lake is such a NICE pictures. B-E-A-utiful 😀 Have a great trip and a great adventure. And as a avid follower of your blog (don’t forget I get e-mail updates) I expect to read about all your experiences!
    Bon voyage!

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