Montréal aahh l’amour

Due to the extreme heat wave last summer, my time spent in Montreal was spent wrapped in frozen towels and visualizing the glaciers. I am therefore ever greatful for this second chance to appreciate this culterally diverse, fashion and art based city. No time was wasted getting enriched in the french culture as my first stop was to have a big breakfast of waffles, fruit, croissants and of course, coffee, with my friend, Tristan, who so graciously met me at the train station.



The entirety of my stay was spent taking in the grafitti and other forms of art found on every block while visiting friends who live in the area. Tristan and I spent a lot of our time in parks, cafés and downtown. Robyn, my friend and may-as-well-call-her-sister, took me to eat sushi and showed me around where she stays at McGill. The three of us took a day to walk around vieux Montréal (Old Montreal) and enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather.








I even got to fit in a lunch date with my beautiful and dear friend Aline. Short and sweet, but holidays in France are soon to be celebrated!! I also got a chance to meet up with a wonderful friend, Evan, who showed Robyn and I my new favourite restaurant, Juliette et Chocolat, who’s menu is known for being half dessert-based and the most delectable chocolate known to mankind. Seriously, a plane ticket is worth the thrill of those truffles. Robyn and I also got to see her uncle for a few hours, who was in town for business. How did we spend such quality time together? Sushi, of course!!….followed by Juliette and Chocolat….(hey, it was on a different day so it’s acceptable!). That night Robyn and I met up with a few more of my friends and we all went out dancing. That was my first time partying in Montreal and it was the perfect night! Pop 90s-themed, it could not have been more perfect.




Since Robyn was going to Toronto for holidays I jammed in the car with her and two of our friends and got dropped off in Ottawa, where I spent more time with some friends before leaving Canada. The weather Gods were in a great mood this week as it was another beautiful sunshine-filled day! The market, beautiful Parliment and family; I love Ottawa!! Thanks to my cousin Maria who welcomed me with open arms. There is no better way to spend Thanksgiving Sunday than with family, good food and wine!

Since I’m out of province I didn’t expect to celebrate Thanksgiving much so I was even more thankful for the time spent with Maria. My happiness soared when on Monday Evan invited me to a ‘Friendsgiving’ bash he held for his fellow McGill university students who didn’t make it home. Another night filled with great company and good food. I am one happy Canadian and so thankful for all the amazing, caring and thoughtful friends and family in my life.





I am now in the train on my way to New York! The train’s scenery is absolutely stunning and I am lucky to have chosen a seat next to a super sweet lady from Boston. The twelve-hour trek is already flying by!





The last photo is a to-do list given to me by four amazingly nice ladies from Connecticut who have spent some time in NY. Not even off the train and I’m meeting great people…this is going to be a great trip.


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