The Big Apple! (NYC)

Ahhh the Big Apple. After weeks of planning, it wasn’t until a friend of mine told me, ”Samara, you’re going to NYC!!” that I realized I was embarking on an adventure. This trip was different though; I was going to NYC to see friends, not the buildings. My beautiful friend Renée welcomed me graciously at the train terminal. It was nice to see a familiar face, and as she said, it’s always better to be welcomed on arrival. (It’s also wonderful to have wine and snacks waiting for you!! Yumm!!!)


The next day I wandered aimlessly for a few hours as my friends had to study and work (which, by the way, I love doing and am happy when I get the chance to do so). After walking the Brooklyn Bridge I decided to hop on the Staten Island Ferry, which is the best way to get a complete view of New York, including the Statue of Liberty, without actually going up close. It was far enough that I didn’t have to pay big bucks but close enough to get the ‘ooooh, ahhh’ feeling. It was on this Ferry that I met Rens from the Netherlands and my friend for the day. We were both unfamiliar with NYC so hey, why not be lost tourists together!? From the Ferry we continued on to see the 9/11 memorial. It was sad and beautiful. Central park was next on the list, which was also amazing, especially due to being accompanied by the beautiful October sun.



Later that night guess who decided to grace us with their presence? None other than Luc Tardif, soon followed by Alexandra Alberto. That’s right; Luc, Alex, Renée and Samara all in one city, outside of Clare…fun times. We actually chose a restaurant that seemed classy enough but ended up ordering quesadillas from a taco truck in the back yard. My love for NYC continued to grow. We ended the evening seeing Time Square and despite being 1am was at bright as day. From the flashing billboard ads to the bright sign and restaurant lights, I could only be thankful that I wasn’t epileptic.


Luc, who has already been to NYC numerous times, showed me around for day two. We ate at this unreal Viatnemese Restaurant and got Chinese massages in Chinatown, then strolled through Little Italy. We saw downtown Manhattan including the Chrysler building, the Empire State building and a few other famous land marks and met up with Alexandra and enjoyed the wonderful weather. That night we all got together chez Alexandra where we had a little soirée Raclette. Perfect way to spend my last night in America.



You need to eat here. In fact, I’ll even provide the phone number and map for you.




                                                                                 Little Italy!




                                         Raclette….one of my new favourite ways to eat food.

Day three was Renée day! After packing we toured Central Park and did a quick tour of the Metropolitan Museum (for those Gossip Girl fans, that’s where they sit and gossip). After another short but sweet visit with Alex I headed out to catch my 8pm flight.


The above photo is from a little french Gallery we stumbled upon…. très mignon.

So, would I live in NYC?  At least for a couple of years. The trains, along with the movement and life, never stops. Monday to Sunday there is something to do, an activity to take part in, a concert to see, an art class to take and a different wine to taste. Your senses are constantly being tantalized. It is also beautiful, and historical. And some of the most amazing people I know live there. ImageImage


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