Fontainebleau; living history

It is still sort of unbelieveable that I am in France, living. In France, I live. Not in the ‘OHMYGOD I CAN’T BELIEVE IT AND I SHART EVERY TIME I THINK OF IT’ kind of unbelievable but that I almost, forget. It may seem strange, but the fact that I am in another country, speaking another language, in completely different surroundings has yet to hit me. It is as if my brain is saying ”Yeah, whatever Samara, you’re just on vacay. Swans today. Cheese tomorrow. PEI red soil and possibly snow next week.” Anyway, until that reality dawns I am enjoying every minute of the high. Not to say that when reality does hit it will be bad, but I’m sure it will be different.

photo 1


photo 8
Here is one of those swans I was talking about….

As soon as I flew in I came to my friend Damien’s place, outside of Paris in a beautiful town Fontainebleau, where I imagine I’ll be staying for at least a few months (depending on where I find a job). There is a castle a close distance away, beside a long canal, home to carps and swans, around which we can bike and walk. People are still taking in every minute of the October sun with picnics and promenades. This town is full of history so it is a constant buzz. The apartement we are staying in used to be that of Napolean’s first wife. I’m not a big history buff, but it’s pretty cool. We have neighbours from Ontario who have travelled the world and are, as you may have guessed, they are fantastic people. It’s comforting to have people so close with some common 7


photo 6

photo 5

photo 4
A little tucked away street in Paris

Paris is only 45 minutes away by train which is also helpful; shopping, friend and job wise. We already took one trip up to see our friends Anne and Raph and some of Damien’s friends for a birthday party at this chic pub downtown. A big Buddah was at the entrance and I’m pretty sure the guy next to us was smoking hooka…. I know I’ll go back!

photo 9
We’re pretty close to ‘La Seine’, the river that flows all the way to Paris and beyond

I’m still jet legged so I’ve been especially greatful for Skype and Facetime. Since I’m five or six hours ahead 1-4am turns out to be the perfect time to call home…..and sneak in some left over baguette of course!

photo 3
Time for a picnic!

photo 2

2 thoughts on “Fontainebleau; living history

  1. Errrrmigerrrrd I am so frickin hungry looking at all your pretty pictures!!! Hahahaha and I love the way you write and I can hear your voice : ) ❤ I miss you, take care!! (Don't hang around any more of those creepies like at the canal ok? Girrrrl? –What IZ yo name? Dayum. Girl where yo boooooyfrinn at??!!!!)

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