The real nature in concrete jungles

 Footsteps. Under the covers, cold floor, slippers. Leather shoes, pavement; pound, pound pound. Up the stairs, down the stairs, an elevator, perhaps? Your feet are always moving. You’re always moving. For those of you who live in the beautiful concrete jungles of the world, Toronto, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, I salute you. Between the metro, taxis, cross walks and stairs, oh the stairs, getting to work is a mission on its own. As I’ve travelled I’ve learned to enjoy the beauty of these cities for their diversity and thrill that the country cannot provide. I’ve also learned that it’s important to take in nature when possible because as much fun as city life can be, the tall buildings and the happy morning street-meat man does not feed your soul as does the weeping willows in Central Park or the rushing water of Niagra Falls.
Wait!!! Concrete jungle AND nature, you say? Yes. Even the biggest and most populated cities of the world have at least one path, park or stream. Even if you’re just a visitor in these beautiful places, the energy you will get from sitting by a canal for fifteen minutes in order to keep moving with the stampede of people will make the adventure worth it. So please, take advantage of these little nature hot spots, especially at the end of a long hard day when it’s the last thing that seems like a good idea. That’s usually when it’s the best idea. It’s amazing how walking through a path on a carpet fallen leaves while breathing in real, fresh air, can put one’s mind at peace.
                                        Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada (I did not take this photo).
                                                              Central Park, New York City.
                                                                    Fontainebleau, France.
         Here’s that carpet of leaves I mentioned. This canvas was just waiting the arrival of an inspired artist.
                                                                  La Seine, Paris, France.
                                                                        Tokyo, Japan.
                                    Even a little bit of sun makes a huge difference!
                                                  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
For those of you who do live in the country and get to enjoy the sunshine, the leaves and the snow fall every day on your way to school or work, it’s amazing what you have so soak it all up!
And now for a corny yet true quote that I hope to one day remember:
Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.
-John Ruskin

4 thoughts on “The real nature in concrete jungles

  1. I so love seeing the world through your eyes !!…I hope someday soon,that I will be able to see more of it as well….<3 !!

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