Barcelona; life in a hostel

Hola? Salut? Hey?…..

There’s a constant variety and switch of languages, making up conversations which overcome the dishwasher and 80s rock music in the background. That’s the nature of hostels. Culture, diversity, food, conversation and of course, a lot of laughter; those are the seeds that make the hostel grow and the sunshine to keep it alive. These are the enriching and educative means of way when travelling. I’ve met some of the most caring and adventurous people in Barcelona. Everyone has their own swing on things and at any given moment it can go from a quiet blog-writing space from the chair made from a hole in the wall to a conversation around the table while making sangria between people who all speak a different language with some sort of music playing from afar. On arrival it’s as if you’re already friends with the people who are there, before even meeting them.




This one specific hostel was amazing and I think I’d pay to back to Barcelona just to go back to this hostel (St Jordi Sagrada Familia is the name). The staff was unreal, the rooms were clean, there were activities planned and I felt safe and welcomed at all times. I have only stayed in one hostel before this, which was also great, but St Jordi was fun, busy, and like I was at home from the minute I got there. It attracts a certain kind of traveller and it’s the kind who I know I’d want to meet again!ImageImageImageImageImage


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