Country life; Le vieil Baugé


Although the country was my place of upbringing, after living in the city for seven years I had forgotten what that kind of life entails. Spending a few days in Baugé, France, has been a warm reminder of my childhood and how beautiful the country side can actually be. Important country-life details came back to me; horses are much like children, such as how if they are given sweet treats they eventually learn to love you for more than just the food (don’t worry, I don’t plan on having kids…). It does not matter how many hours are spent raking leaves, for the trees seem to prosper in their freedom to sway, leaving a natural carpet and a never-ending job.  This being said, the trees that are still fat with those orange, red and yellow pieces of art are magnificent and, no matter the weather, will never cease to amaze me (hence all of the leaf photography). Barns are meant for animals, bugs, insects and dirt and if you can get over the fact that you might have some dirt in your hair it’s actually a fun time. The spider in the corner just wants a warm place to sleep like we do. One of my favourite reminders about the country is how unbelievably breathtaking the stars are. I’ve been spoiled with clear autumn nights, allowing me to get lost in the patterns of each constilation and being reminded that I am only a small fraction of this world, on a journey to love and live along with millions of others.  And quite possibly the most usefull piece of information I’ve gathered here on the farm; the chickens will never, ever tell where they lay their eggs.














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