A reply to the famously asked: Why now, Samara?

Many of you know that part of me travelling to France for a year is part of taking a break from school. This being said, it is not a break from education. With a nusance of a memory and a self-diagnosis of ADD, school has not been the most fabulous time of my life. I do, however, love to learn. The lectures and readings kept me interested but, along with many of you I’m sure, I am that fish in a zoo of monkeys who can’t climb the tree and pass the exam. This is why travelling has become a passion; I learn about the world, languages and real issues, first hand. In three weeks alone I’ve learned practical and useful (some not so useful) skills and knowledge such as how to make a vegetarien casserole and various shingling methods. I’ve improved my spanish and have had lessons in history and politics of France, England, Spain and Argentina from people of these nationalities, making such information real, interesting and relevant. These are the kinds of things I can’t retain from lectures or books. These are the experiences that allow me to grow and learn more about the world and myself so that when I do go back to finish my studies the information will actually mean something. I’m not saying that this the only or best way to go. Maybe there are better ways, but for me, travel is gold.



6 thoughts on “A reply to the famously asked: Why now, Samara?

  1. This is wonderful!!!!!! Since the first moment I seen you walk down the halls at MRHS and had the opportunity and privilege of getting to know you as not only as a student but as a friend I have been blessed! You have ALWAYS had and continue to have one of the most kind, fun and caring spirits! The people you come in contact with on your travels are truly blessed! Thanks for sharing your pictures and experiences! You are an educator through your sharing! I LOVE IT!!! Enjoy and may you continue to have safe travels!

  2. Wow thankyou SO much, Dawna!!! That makes me very happy, especially to know that there are people even reading my blog! Your kind words inspire me to continue writing and continue to try to use every day as a way to inspire others as well 🙂

  3. You do learn a lot when you travel. I try to travel as much as I can. I’m going to Amsterdam in December and I hope to go back to Canada next summer. BTW it was nice finally meeting you the other day!

  4. Samara – such a privledge to read your blog and to ‘travel’ throughout the world with you through your stoiries and photos. You are an amazing woman and an inspiration….I would so love to be where you are now. The best three years of my life were the years I spent travelling – not always sure of the destination or plans but trusting that it would all somehow work out – and it did!!! Your trips always remind me a bit of ‘those good ol’ days’. Keep living life to the fullest, have the time of your life and stay safe. Love from PEI. Barb

    1. Barb!!! Thankyou so much! You know, I have tried turning my pists around a bit so that they are more inspiring. Your comment made my day! I will try to keep having a good experience and make the most out of my time as I’m sure you did. xxoo

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