Cambridge, England

France. Baugé to Caen. Ferry. England. Portsmouth to Oxford. Coffee and conversation. Accents. Oxford to Cambridge. What a wonderful weekend in the UK.  Not only did I get to see another breathtaking part of this amazing planet and walk through alley ways filled with centuries of history and posh, but I got to see my friend Ellen, who I met at the magical friend-making factory, Sainte-Anne immersion.






On the night of my arrival we attended a traditional Cambridge student formal; the master of the high table (literally, the table is placed on a higher floor so that they are higher in every sense) started the dinner with a speech in Latin. We then drank some of the 30 bottles of wine a former student has left at his death, who wanted to make sure there would be enough wine to drink for every student in attendance. What a guy.




 Saturday morning we were bright eyed and bushy tailed for an early morning hot yoga session. Cultural, right? Later, we the parks, ate and chatted the afternoon away and went to a play put on by some Cambridge students, re-enacting the story of Proposition 8. If you don’t know what Proposition 8 is, look it up! It’s a very important part of history about gay marriage rights in America. After the play we ordered in Indian food and talked about all the important things of life; traveling, friendship and of course, food!

Sunday came too soon but we made the most of it by taking in some nature. Ellen took me for a walk through a meadow and despite being only steps from the city center it seemed as though we had jumped on a plane and landed in the hills of the prairie land. Sheep, ducks and even horses wandered about, appreciating the sunshine and freedom as much as we had.










As I got back onto the bus to make it in time to meet my friends before catching the ferry I realized we would never make it in time so instead I got the bus directly to the ferry. I had a switchover in London and had to buy a new ticket (last-minute planning at its best) and my panic level rose as the clock ticked on, especially since my friends were still waiting for me to meet them. Thankfully the ticket man was a special kind of nice and let me use his personal phone and even booked the ticket for me as I explained to my friend that I had to go directly to the ferry. Despite the long line behind me, he told me to take my time, asked if I needed to make any more calls, and even checked to see if I would make the ferry.  I continue to learn that no matter where you go in the world there will be kind people ready to help, as long as there is patience and gratitude in return.

Would I call England my favorite place thus far? Perhaps, but I havn’t spent enough time there to be able to judge fairly. I could definitely see myself testing it out for a few months to try, however. No matter where we went there was some form of exersice being practiced, vegetarianism is quite popular, the architecture is beautiful and between museums, plays, sports and get togethers the agenda is easily filled.

To all the fun, intelligent, crazy and kind people I met this weekend, thankyou! I can’t wait to come back for more inspiring stories and not-so-hot dance moves (not forgetting the trailer-of-life to follow, of course).






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