A return to Neverland

It has been almost two weeks since I have been back in the imaginary world of dragons, princesses, super stars and warriors; that is, chez les Obela and Boudarias. This is the family I met and with whom I fell in love during my last séjour in France in 2012. Reunited at last and even though almost two years have passed, not much has changed; the music continues to blare,  the kitchen floor is really a stage and the wood stove crackles on. The four children, Ambre, 13, Elohim, 7, Silöe, 5, and Haïlie, 3, continue to have a joy for life. They dance, sing, draw and let their imaginations run wild. Cécile and Bienvenu, maman and papa,  are happy souls with an inspiring motivation to give, live and be happy. When I’m here, I am taken back ten years to my own childhood, to fond memories of the country and the carefree days of being young. Words can’t describe how delighted I am to be back!









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