Deal with it.

I thought after a week of driving, changing cities, starting a new job and ending up in Brussels for a last-minute tour that my week would calm down a bit….. Who was I trying to kid? I should know by now that my vocabulary just does not have room for the word ‘calm’….
A few nights of sleeping on the ”unfoldable bed” AKA futon, which could barely hold a five-year-old child let alone my six-foot-two (and one-eighth) stature, had me on the edge. I find it difficult to complain and I thought that I could get used to the bed, but its like ignoring the urge to pee; practically impossible and will eventually end in a mess for everyone. I called my landlord and explained the problem so she graciously suggested buying a new mattress. I was relieved….until two more days had passed and she had yet to find a mattress. New relief came when she called me the following evening to tell me the good news of her shopping finds and that she would have her husband bring the new mattress to my apartment. As I anxiously helped bring it in my happiness turned to doubt. I then sat on this ”mattress” and my doubt quickly turned to disappointment and then sadness, and then resent, knowing another sleepless night was yet to come. I still didn’t want to complain….At least I had a roof, right?
I slept two more nights before recalling my landlord only to hear that she had no other solutions. I was lost. I was tired. My back hurt. My neck was stiff. I was so emotional I cried at the sight of rainbows.
That afternoon a miracle happened. I was working away when a lady sat next to me, heard my accent, sparked a conversation about travelling and five minutes later was showing me pictures of her apartment, explaining that she was looking for someone to rent a room. A room with a king-sized bed. My eyes started to water as I imagined myself sprawled out on this masterpiece of foam and comfort, dreaming of prancing unicorns and fields of blossoming daffodils.
I moved in that night. My bedroom alone is bigger than the entire studio I was in. I have two great roomies. I’m still downtown. It’s unbelievable how a full night’s sleep, or lack thereof, can really make a difference in the way I see how the sun shines. I finally have the pep back in my step.
I am slowly learning that it is okay to say no, to stand up for my rights and to ask for help when needed. In the end your health is more important than the possibility of bothering somebody (like I thought I would do with complaining).

Take care of yourself. You deserve it.


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