Five months already?

This month marks the half way mark of my Eurotrip. These last five months felt like fitting five years of adventure into five weeks. I’ve also learned more in these last five months than I have in two years of university. European history, art and art appreciation, French, Spanish, cultural differences and respect and geography are only a few of the things that I’ve been unintentionally studying in my every day activities. Whether I’m on a work placement or aimlessly wandering through ancient cities, I’m a walking sponge, soaking up drops of information being thrown at me in every direction. Since I can feel, see and taste these drops, they stay with me; engraved memories and experiences.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, too. About patience. About understanding. About letting things go. Perspective. Perspective is huge. When perspective changes, the situation changes. If you can learn to control your perspective and add a bit of understanding, no matter what situation arises you know it will be ok in the end. I’ve learned that if negativity decides to raise its ugly head through the form of a person, the weather or an injury, it’s only to make positivity possible. If there was no rain, how could we appreciate the sunshine?

People from all over the world came into my life and each and every one of them taught me something. I try to listen. Not to hear, but to really listen. To understand, read between the lines and pay close attention to body language. Sometimes people say something and the words that escape from their mouth have nothing to do with the message they are trying to convey. It’s funny sometimes, and very interesting.

When I first came to Europe people asked me why. I wrote a post about it (that you can read here) and every day that passes reassures me that jumping (literally) on that plane was the best decision I could have made for myself. Gallivanting from country to country has led me to amazing places and faces. It reassures me that decisions can be scary but, if you let it, life and its magicalness will lead you to wonderful places as long as you stay positive, motivated, and want to help people.

Cheers to learning, understanding, appreciating, people, rain and sunshine. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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