Travelling? Backpacking? Hitchiking? Have no shame.

Sometimes (OK, many times), when we are on the road we find ourselves in some pretty smelly situations. The set of rules for travelling change completely than when in a normal life routine.  Between food, clothing, hair care and personal hygiene, keeping on top of things is not always the easiest task when the next laundry mat or shower could be a week away. When on a tight budget, things only get worse. Here are some not-so-shameful situations that arise when on the road.

  • Wearing the same pair of socks three times, the third time inside out. The sweat isn’t on the outside, right?
  • Underwear can be worn again the second day as long as you follow the sock rule; flip = clean.
  • Baby powder turns into shampoo, sweat remover, shoe deodorizer and the mother of all cleanliness.
  • Beer is stale and warmer than your coffee? It’s beer, it will be drank.
  • Sponge baths in sinks when the shower line is too long and there is a city to see in only one day.
  • No shower at all.
  • Dirty hair? Bun/hat day.
  • Standing on the side of the road for hours can be fun as long as you have a good song to sing and nice weather.
  • For girls: Braids are our best friend; When done right they will last two days and so will the curls. No effort hair.
  • Laundry day is Christmas morning, every time.
  • Hostel friends become family after two days. After three they’re your soul mates.
  • Beer becomes the third meal. One must make sacrifices!
  • The lack of tipping in Europe is greatly appreciated as it could mean saving for a whole days worth of food.
  • Markets become grocery stores and every park is a paradise.
  • Sleep? Interesting concept….
  • There are no such thing as strangers. They are all only friends you haven’t met yet.

Any more shameful but not-so-shameful travelling situations? Leave a comment below so I know I’m not alone!


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