Family Euro Trip 1- France, Spain, England

Europe! Yes, I realize it has been a week with no posts. Between eating, visiting and running around the city, the only other thing we could fit into the schedule was (a bit of) sleep. The first week went kind of like this: Paris with Julienne. I loved reliving the first time view of the city. A picnic under the European heat beside le tour Eiffel, Le Louvre, Champs Elyseés, getting lost….food…wine….beauty.image


Mom and Wendy arrive in Paris! Sacre Coeur and lunch before Julienne and I peace out to Fontainebleau to see Damien, one of my French besties and wonderful travel partner.


Reunion with Damien! Riverside picnic followed by a small tour of the city including le Chateau. Julienne hasn’t stopped jumping since our arrival into France and I’m loving every second of it.

Angers!! Finally back into the arms of Manu and Agathe, my home away from home. Three days of swimming in the lake, good food, lots of dancing and a concert along the river. Bliss.

Mom and Wendy arrive in Angers! My worlds are finally colliding and I’m loving it. Skype dates just don’t suffice. Supper on the terrace, galettes and wine, touring the beautiful Chateau of Angers and taking advantage of the wonderful French mode. The visits here are never long enough.


Ryanair brings the Clampets to Barcelona! Bring on the beach, tapas, fiestas and siestas! It’s a blast wandering through the old architecture, gazing up at Gaudi’s work, feeling the heat of the sun at the soccer stadium and diving into the salty water in the afternoon after a long morning of walking. Julienne and I hit up a pub crawl and went to a foam party, organized by the hostel….danced all night, got soaked and met wonderful people from Italy, the States, Germany and Canada! I’ve practiced my Spanish as much as possible and loving every second of it.

image image image image image image image

Next flight – London. Bye bye sunshine hello tea and crumpets. Kerri finally joins us and so does a friend of mom’s, the six of us staying in our own private room. The ladies went on an all day tour but I stayed back to sleep in and to spend the day with my old partner-in-crime, Sheila, who I worked with in France. Needless to say it was a fresh of breath air to see this beauty again. A delish Italian lunch, shopping, an African DJ concert and of course, a ton of laughs…..we shall meet again soon!

image image image

Now we have arrived in Dublin, our final destination before heading back to Canada. There’s wi-fi on the bus and friendly people everywhere….I already love it. Only a few more hours until I see Lex (my beautiful sister and bride-to-be, the reason for this trip). Cheers!

“In the world in which I travel I am endlessly creating myself.”




One thought on “Family Euro Trip 1- France, Spain, England

  1. I loved your post! You will have to tell me how you did it! You look amazing and everyone looks like they are having a blast. Be safe and have fun. Wish I was with you all! Miss you and love you sweet girlie!!

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