UrbanBean Coffeehouse

I love coffee. I love fresh coffee. I love friendly people and a place that feels like home after only a week of regular visits to get my freshly made, delicious, dark, love-added liquid morning fix. Could you imagine such a place? Imagine a cafe where you go and the owner knows your name, even after one visit. Imagine that when you go there she knows your order and already has it started. Imagine that she can make each coffee individually, light for you, dark for your better half, from fresh, hand-roasted beans, a special order blend. Imagine all the people….living life in peace….

Okay, back to reality. Welcome to Urban Bean cafe, a quaint European-inspired coffeehouse located in Burlington, Ontario. The variety of cookies and sweets are baked with a German inspiration and are free from anything that does not come from mother nature herself. The sandwiches are also preservative, additive, chem-free and made daily, not to mention absolutely delectable. My favourite is the “Sammy” cookie; a gooey, chewy masterpiece of peanuts, chocolate and other secret ingredients that have your taste buds pleading for more.ub7

Not only is the food fresh and delicious,  the atmosphere is calm, cool and welcoming. The smiling staff are always up for a conversation and laugh. The industrial meets urban kitchen setting makes for a perfect home away from home.

The best part of Urban Bean? The profits support humanitarian aid organizations. As if the taste wasn’t enough, now I can truly justify buying this delicious coffee….Every. Single. Day. Yes!!

So friends, if you ever pass by Burlington (which you should) and want to meet a group of laid-back and super sweet coffee lovers, make sure to come into this wonderful place and enjoy one of the best brewed coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, teas or snacks that you will ever have.




WIFI!!! Now you stressed out university students have a sweet study spot.



3416 Fairview St Burlington (Ontario) L7N2R5


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