Broke my foot so I’m Moving to Toronto!

I broke my foot in Ireland. I danced in heels to an Irish jig and my ankle decided to do a little dance on its own.

IMG_0001 Fast forward ten days and there I was, back in Halifax, the last one to get off the plane. About to disembark and climb into the wheelchair, I was conversing with my flight attendant and mentioned how happy they seemed with their job. In response she suggested that I apply to be part of the team. “…And we’re only hiring for the mainline flights, so you’ll fit just fine!”

I am now in Burlington, with a new job, moving to Toronto, foot healed…happy times!!…. Right?

What about Europe? What about Spanish? What about all of those plans and people and hostels and Couchsurfers and new adventures that are waiting?

The best part of life is the adventures and plans that you don’t know about, but are really there all along. After it all sank in that my life would not be even close to what I had thought it would be this year, I was slightly disappointed. As much as I was excited to have this dream job (and still am), I couldn’t help but to think of the people I would miss seeing right away and putting off learning Spanish and going back to my backpacking days in Europe. I would miss being an interesting foreigner…

…Then Thanksgiving weekend happened. During these five weeks family ties became stronger and people walked into my life who I know have already left permanent footprints in my heart. I have had a lot of time to think and I have learned that sometimes though things may not go as planned, there is probably good reason. Sometimes plans break only for a better one to blossom. Not that it’s easy, but to be happy with the here and now is to be happy with the future….at least for me. My life did a 180 and it couldn’t be better. Plus, I will still travel.

Many people are scared of change….but don’t fear it! Embrace it!

My next step? Look up a Spanish teacher and have fun discovering another urban jungle in my own beautiful country. Toronto, bring it on!

“If nothing changed, there would be no butterflies…”


IMG_0176 IMG_0336  IMG_0443IMG_0025

ub6  IMG_0601IMG_0494 IMG_0458


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