Toronto skies

Well, friends, it’s time for an update. The last thing I told you was that I broke my foot and was moving to Toronto….. and here I am. I can’t say much about this concrete jungle except for the fact that it takes me one hour to get to the airport and I absolutely adore my area. If you know me well you know that I strongly dislike public transit…after one hour on the pain train my patience is kaput. Good thing for me that everything I need is in walking distance; cheap food, an amazing café (with wifi), the gym, a salon, the subway, and even a vegan grocer! The independence Gods gave me a BIG hug this year! Dance!

I moved in one month ago and spent a total of one week in my new apartment….ahh the life of a flight attendant. How goes that, you may be wondering? Now that I am becoming more comfortable with the routine, it feels as though I have done this all my life…perhaps it is the up and down of the plane or the hustle and bustle of the airport but the craziness is, in a way, comforting. Hearing different languages every day, seeing faces from every continent and being in a different city daily is quite like when I was backpacking, except, more routine, and with rules. It takes a certain kind of person to love this lifestyle and, oh, am I ever that person. I have friends in lots of different cities who I actually get to visit! There are days where I think I will be spending the night watching Frozen with my cousins but instead am flying to Cancun and end up pulling off a 28-hour day. My body clock has never been so confused but let me tell you; it is the first time in my life that I can sleep absolutely anywhere at absolutely any time…. bonus!

I seek adventure. I love allowing the wind to take me like a leaf and seeing where I will land next. Accepting a challenge and beating it, tears and dancing along the way, is my favourite kind of accomplishment. This new lifestyle is all of these things and so much more….. I am excited to see where I will fly to next, on which rock I will land or in which ocean I will swim….to the skies!





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