Gander, Newfoundland

Gander, Newfoundland. Never did I think I would have a layover in this small town. What would I do for thirty hours? Yes, a thirty-hour layover in Gander. Was I thrilled? To be quite frank, not completely, especially upon arrival when I learned that my cell phone had no service. Great….

Myself and my fellow colleagues decided to make the most of it so we met early and headed out. We found a charming bakery called the Bread Box; that kind of place that smells like home-made goodies at Grandma’s house. Make sure to say hi to Stephen, one of the owners. The people are nice, the food is good but most importantly, the coffee is delicious and puts that pep in your step! 

 Next stop- to the aviation museum! Typical, I know, but the museum was actually fun, and very interesting. It turns out Gander played a major role during WW2 as well as 9/11. There were also a lot of big war planes to admire and fun things to buy.
                       Our adventure led us to the famous ‘Legends’, apparently the only spot to go to on a weekend in Gander. Live bands and cold, local beer have the place packed. We chowed down on some delicous fried veggies….mmm! Did I mention that a guy working at the museum offered us a drive when he overheard us talking about how to get there? They are the nicest kind of people.  

 When we found our way back to the hotel Kelly left us to chill but Lise and I hit the weights. We went to CFB (military base) next to the airport to use their gym, which was huge and fully equipped, including two boxing bags. It’s only $8 for a one-time use or just $3 if you want to use the ball and/or squash court and pool. It was definitely worth our pennies. 

Since the day flew by we didn’t have time to check out Cobb pond but we heard that it is another beautiful three-kilometre area to take a walk or run. 
So to my fellow flight attendants: if you see YQX in your schedule, fear not. Your long layover has a lot of potential to be a good time. Get those shoes on, go see Stephen at the bakery and enjoy the friendly small-town charm that can’t be found in a city. 


18 thoughts on “Gander, Newfoundland

  1. Happy to know you enjoyed our Town …..maybe next time you will get to walk/run Cobbs Pond…:D plus …a road on back of the “Crossroads of the World” Airport…. you can visit…”streets that used to be” during the war days…..and many beautiful apple blossoms!!…..or just a walk around the streets of Gander should be relaxing enough…..:D

  2. Great little article on our town! Glad you found something to do there, it’s really a gem of a place filled with kind and vibrant people. It may not look like much on an itinerary but with a little digging it’s a wonderful little place. Next time… If there is a next time… Don’t follow up your trip to Legends with a slice of local pizza from Louie Get’s (lovingly called Wig’s or Wiggy’s for short). I guarantee there’s no other pizza like that after a good night out!

    Again, thanks for your account of our town! 🙂

    -Ganderite living in the Middle East

    1. The bakery belongs to my neice Marlene and Stephen Bishop and I agree they are the sweetest couple with a lovely bakery I hear from alot of people. We live in Ontario and plan to make a trip down to see this lovely bakery I hear of very soon. Happy you got to meet our relatives.

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