Yesterday I saw the Northern Lights

“Those who have no obstacles in life probably have no life.”

Yesterday I saw the Northern lights. I saw them dance; green, purple and pink waves of life, majestically caressing the black sky surrounding its beauty. I saw them swirl from 40,000 feet, from my office, the plane. I gazed in absolute awe, my heart leaping.

Today I had a little girl on my plane, 6 years old, who has never been fully immersed into water. She had a tube inserted into her body so the chemo therapy treatment would go directly to her heart. She had bone cancer. Had. She is now cancer free and will have a pool party in two weeks to celebrate. She will learn how to swim. Her mom recently bought her a new tankini.

Some may say this little girl is lucky. I won’t disagree. Her luck, her fortune, or however you want to word it, was made clear by such an obvious tragedy and miraculous recovery.

Those of us who haven’t gone through such tragedy, we are also lucky. There is no such thing as a perfect life – each and every one of us have gone through a tragedy of our own, all of which are incomparable.

Though each and every day, in some way, luck seems to shine through. The difficult part is trying to find it, to recognize it, because our other demons, internal or external, in the shape of thoughts, words, normality, society or even weather, seem to be in the way.

When it rains, aren’t we lucky to have a roof over our heads? When we get sick, aren’t we lucky to have medicine to help us, health care to protect us, a few coins in our pocket to take us home, a warm bed in which to lay to get better? When we are sad, aren’t we lucky to have a friend to call? Aren’t we lucky to be able to complain about the snow, about the missing chicken in our pad Thai, or our lack of wifi connection, because that’s as bad as we may have it?

Whether you call it fate, luck or nothing at all, see the light in front of you and the opportunity which awaits. Spread your own light. Dance with your room mates in the kitchen, sing loudly at work, smile at a stranger and say thank you when someone calls you beautiful. Think of this little girl and how she is smiling today.

Life can get us down….it can be tough. But there is something right in front of you that is positive, a light, waiting to glow inside of you. It just needs to be found.

Yesterday I saw the Northern lights.

These are the beautiful souls I spent the last four days with. Thanks for the inspiration, you amazing people! Muchas gracias, mi amigos 🙂

5 thoughts on “Yesterday I saw the Northern Lights

  1. Your writing is getting better with every line that you write and I am so proud of you and your indomitable spirit..Loves & hugs…Mom…xoxoxo

  2. Love you! So glad I met you. You are an amazing lady and so Look forward to seeing where life brings you. Keep writing your life! Xo

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