Yes! A whole month of Vancouver flying! First on the list – Vancouver waterfront and Capilano park. After grabbing some grub from one of the many food trucks lining the streets of the city, my friend and I jumped on the free shuttle from the city centre to Capilano park. I suggest going early morning, or even late season, to avoid the mass gathering of wide brim hats and selfie sticks. 

A surprise visit!

The nature getaway is an adventure trail, including a 140-meter long suspension bridge, swinging 70 meters high above the river. Our knees were a bit shaky but I blamed it on the fact that the railings of the bridge were only up to my hips, where as it was up to everybody else’s chest….oh the joys of being tall!
We also loved the Cliffwalk, a series of narrow bridges following the Capliano River, also about 70 meters high, with only 16 anchor points in the cliff supporting the bridge’s structure. Thank goodness for adrenaline pushing me on through! 

All along the trails are oodles of pit stops offering refreshments, ice cream and, most importantly, beer! Yes! Beer AND heights! 

One of my favourite parts was simply hiking the trails, being lost in the scent of pine, the cool breeze and the sweet, calming hum of, well…tourists. Seriously, go in the off season. I did not check but it’s probably cheaper, too. 

Refreshing it was to see a nature park focused on the health of the Eco system, with facts about nature, water and the health of the planet, scattered throughout the trails. 

Twenty-seven thousand steps later I made it back to my hotel room, cold leftovers and a king-sized bed awaiting my return. 

Life is beautiful. 

Side note – for those of you with a RAIC or IATA card, bring it to get a discount. 😉

I’m shakin’ the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I’m gonna see the world- George Bailey from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE 


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