Mexico- Playa del Carmen, hotel style

I made it to Mexico!

Que calor…. You’d think I’d be used to this heat since Toronto has been a lava zone itself this summer, but Mexico is different… You know that type of air so thick your nasal passages become a rain forest? So thick and humid if I rushed at all a lung would collapse? The kind where the air is crying but there’s no rain, where even the cacti are sweating, the kind, well, you get the drift. Yah, Mexico … How I’ve missed you.

This trip is a bit different because I’m on an all inclusive resort. Not usually my style. Relax? I can do this….here it goes!

Day 1

I arrive to the hotel three hours before my friend. The resort is beautiful, but not as beautiful as the unlimited bar tap in my room. Yes, bar tap. Yes, in my room.

We drink, we swim, we eat, we go to Hotel Tequila across the road to dance, we eat, we sleep. Successful day!

Day 2

Sleep in.

I wake up fluent in Spanish…

I hit the gym and make as many phone calls as I can within three hours while I wait for my friend to awaken. He must have had too much chamomile tea last night ….

We eat, we swim, we nap, we eat, we sleep. Folks, this is getting exciting.

Day 3

My friend isn’t feeling so hot so after I work out (I swear the gym really exists) and eat we stay in the artificially cold room and watch Bad Grandpa… Funny!

After the movie I go back outside and meet some cool people from Argentina and, alas! Now I know how I learned so much spanish at Hotel Tequila….

We eat, we eat some more, we walk up and down the avenue to the local market targeted at rich Americans, we swim, we meet some more great people, we drink, we sleep.

Day 4

Gym. I’m dying.

We make more friends!! We meet said friends on the beach, see previous Spanish friends, eat and swim. We ignore the red flags on the beach, I lose my sunglasses in the waves, speak Spanglish, get burnt, eat, sleep.

Resorts are fun.

Day 5

Our last full day…. I meet up with my new resort friends a few more times, swim, eat, relax. Swim again.

After watching a Mexican dance show I say goodbye to my Spanish friends but make sure to exchange Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, WhatsApp and…am I missing anything?

We get dressed up pretty for our last night and eat at a “fancy” restaurant with our new friends.

Wine, fish, bread, chocolate, more wine. More wine. All the wine….


Day 6

I say goodbye to my friend who took me to the resort. Life can be sad. Have breakfast with one of my new friends. Life can also be so beautiful.

I take a deep breath, jump in the ocean one last time, take in one last piece of mango that is so naturally sweet I’ll be sweating sugar for weeks.

Take a taxi to the city, buy a bus ticket, realize I forgot my passport in the safe in my room, swear a lot, taxi back and forth, hug another new friend who helped me out a lot and jump on the bus back to Cancun.


Side note:

The hotel life wasn’t so bad. I wouldn’t do it all the time but it’s perfect for relaxation time, to get some sun and feel like royalty. I’d usually rather meet locals than other tourists but I’m happy with my new friends and connections I’ve made. The hotel was Riu Palace Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen. Nothing but stunning, amazing food and wonderful staff. Highly recommend both Mexico and this resort.

Hasta pronto!


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