Life sans Social Media

Summer vacation…






Lunch prep…




Wake up! Where am I? Is it already 5pm?

Welcome to social media. I am sure we have all read articles and argued why social media is the best thing of the century or why it is the devil in hiding, so, I won’t get into that. What I will share is that I have agreed, with my boyfriend, to accept a one-week sans social media challenge. That’s right; no Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Snapchat or any other Social media platform for seven days.

Initially, I was relieved. “Woah,” I thought, I will have my boyfriend’s full attention every minute of his spare time when we are together….. Surprised I am sure you are not, my relief turned to fear… “Woah, I will have my boyfriend’s full attention every minute of his spare time…”…. Jokes. But honestly, I was relieved, and then a little curious and nervous. What will I do if I am bored? How will I connect with people? These thoughts are what made me want to accept this challenge even more. One reason I love watching Friends is reliving the days of engaging with each other face to face, problem solving, coming up with games to pass the time and talking nonsense, using our imagination to fill the time.

My mother, however, panicked; “How will I follow your life?!” So, here I am. Blogging may count as social media, however I will only post and not follow or read any other entries. It’s the best meet-in-the-middle.

Now, what would I normally share on Social Media that I wouldn’t normally blog about? Activities? Sure. First of all, it has been a very busy summer. Since my return from Nicaragua I have been trying my hardest to get back into the city and work routine. I have learned to be very thankful for the city, my life, opportunity, friends and family. I missed them! I also tried to keep up my daily yoga, which has been an extremely helpful tool for back pain and neck tension.

My boyfriend accompanied me to the homeland for a wedding and he saw all that was great in the land of potatoes, Anne of Green Gables, and of course, my amazing friends and family.

To escape the city life (again), Greg and I hitched the tent and cuddled into mother nature’s hug, miles away from the city, in full airplane mode. First we camped at Ferris campground, which is probably my favourite campground to date. The site was very private, being nothing but a carefully carved out hole in a dense forest, the perfect size to fit a tent, car and have some space for a well lit campfire. Our second camping trip was in Silent Lake, in Bancroft. This campground was a little bit busier, the forest not as dense making it easy to spy on the neighbors (I know you do it, too) and much busier with dogs and children. It sits on a massive lake on which we kayaked for five and a half hours, climbing up on rocks to rest and swim. I liked this campground, for sure, but probably wouldn’t go back due mostly in part to the sparsity of the trees (I like my privacy). Camping is the perfect meditation. It’s nothing but you and the wilderness, the lake, the trees, the sun. I wouldn’t mind waking up every day at 6:30 am if it was by the birds’ song, the heat of the morning sun warming the tent.

Back in the city in my apartment I play ukulele, tend to my plants, watch old episodes of Friends, practice my Spanish and shoot the shit with my kick ass roomie. I see the city by bike and go on adventures with my friends who live close by. I also hit the gym to make sure I won’t break a hip when I’m fifty. Life is good!

It has only been two days but so far I am liking this challenge. I wasn’t aware just how often I mindlessly pick up my phone to scroll through social media. In the last two days I have already picked up a book for the first time in months and learned a new song on my ukulele. Maybe this challenge will last longer than a week…. I guess we’ll find out! Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Life sans Social Media

  1. As long as you keep in contact with me I support your bid for social media freedom. Life does not have to be “all or nothing” though but you will figure out what is good for you. Loves and hugs…. Mom XOXOXO

  2. I absolutely love this. I was just recently thinking about doing the same thing. I’ve started spending my nights reading instead of perusing social media and it makes my heart much happier. 🙂 xo

  3. Samara, this is excellent! I’m so happy that you’re able to do this. I am working on disconnecting from social media, but using it as the primary source of communication for one of my jobs makes it a little challenging. It’s all about finding balance, like you said. It sounds like you’re happy these days! I’ll have to let you know if I’m ever heading your way 🙂

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