Here’s what Life sans Social Media was like

One week with no social media- hit or miss? It was a bit of both. The reason I wanted to test taking a break is because I noticed that I was scrolling through feeds of Facebook and Instagram for hours at a time without thinking about it first; it became a habit. I was hoping to create balance via a short-term cleanse (read more here).

The first few days of my social media cleanse were definitely offbeat; my sense of awareness of my free time had heightened. Not seeing my friend’s faces and status updates on the daily also left me feeling slightly lonely, but mostly bored. It took at least two days to get out of the tendency of picking up my phone every time my mind was at rest. Once I mastered this I became more productive in my down time; a blog entry was up on day one, my dusty ukulele was re-tuned and my Spanish vocab was enriched. Something I didn’t realized I missed was the free time my mind had to wander into the creative zone. Instead of distracting myself I allowed my mind to drift and daydream, to reconnect with my inner child.

I found that my conversations with my partner (because he joined this challenge with me) were more genuine, and lengthy. There was more depth and focus because we weren’t distracted by a plethora of bings and the diminutive yet in-your-face notification number, telling us to check invites and photo tags.

There were, however, a few aspects of social media that I missed, like sharing. I missed creeping status updates and pictures of my family who live all over the world, along with posting about my own adventures. We also missed an event because we didn’t have Facebook to remind us about it. This being said, I am happy to relearn the old school way of setting reminders and making notes.

All in all I would say the week without social media challenge was a success. I disconnected enough to break the scrolling habit and enjoy being more present, but I still appreciate the tool as a whole. I found balance.

Now I have to go look at what other people did today…. Cheers!

PS Here’s a picture of me in Mexico, which you can read more about on my next post 😉




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