LA in thirty-three hours

Check out my video to see how I spent a day and a half in LA. Continue below to read more about it!


It’s the city where struggling stars have grown to fame, where they have come to fail and continue to come in hopes to make it on the big screen, the big stage or the big books. It’s where tourists from all over the world come to be part of it all, taking in the diverse rays of Venice beach, Hollywood Boulevard and hope to catch a glimpse of their favorite television hero. LA- the city of dreams. This city is so elaborate that it could take weeks to see it all, but what if there’s only a day? Or an afternoon? Worry not, for you too can enjoy the perks of this unique city in a small amount of time. Here’s a few ideas how.

The first thing to keep in mind is that LA is quite different than any other big city in the sense that there is not necessarily one downtown area. The lavish hot spots of LA are spread out, making it more of a car-friendly city. If car rentals are out of budget, I suggest choosing your first destination where you can make the second in walking or biking distance, sharing an Uber or taxi for the way there and taking a bus back. This way, you can cover lots of ground in a decent amount of time, keeping it wallet-friendly. Uber is fairly cheap in LA, and bike rentals are between $7-$10 USD.

Venice Beach
I think I like sand angels more than snow angels…

Venice beach is a smart spot to start, with Santa Monica being just a walking distance away. First time LA visitors will especially love this area, the two beaches painting a perfect picture of the city;  sun-kissed, shaggy-haired skate boarders zooming by on the boardwalk, local musicians every hundred feet, tourists with their selfie sticks and painters with headphones in their ears, head bobbing away while hard at work on their creations. All of this is happening with the white sands following in behind, wrapping around the city inviting surfers and swimmers alike into the calm, warm sea. There are many shops, restaurants and buskers giving you more than enough to do in a day.


Venice beach boardwalk


Santa Monica beach
You’ll see a lot of people come to Santa Monica beach to slack line, work on acrobatic skills and work out. I tried, and managed to finally make one flip on these children’s loops.
One of the many talented buskers on the Santa Monica pier



If catching rays is your thing, LA is definitely the place for you. Manhattan beach, Venice, and Santa Monica beach are only a few of the places where you can go to swim, soak up the sun and take a break to catch some grub in one of the many restaurants lining the boardwalk.

Beach and boardwalk not your pace? Check out Hollywood boulevard to see the history of your favorite celebs, take a drive to get the perfect picture of the Hollywood sign, hike Rancho Palos Verde or just lay by the pool with a good book or tunes. Hey, it’s your vacay!


Acrobats practicing their swing


A little poolside and French vocabulary lessons for my last few hours in the city






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