Want to smile?

Let me introduce my new favourite idea: the positivity jar. A few months ago I was going through a bit of a hard time and as a way to get myself back up I had promised myself to think of something positive in my life, or about life in general, every day. I started writing these notes down because, for me, words come alive when they are written. I threw them into this beautiful sea-glass vase I had no other use for. Soon I was thinking of more and more positive notes, as well as funny thoughts, things I was grateful for, inside jokes, and, after a glass of wine or two, the odd inappropriate laugh. This not only helped me feel better, I had fun with it! I started asking my friends who came over to add to the vase, but I left what they wrote to my imagination.

Months passed and the jar kept filling up. One day my roommate told me that she was having a bad day so she read a few notes from the positivity jar to make her feel better and it worked! Not only could this lead to a wonderful night, it helps bring a bad mood up instantly! Love.

I got a few friends together one night to celebrate new adventures and with a good bottle of wine (or two….maybe three…) we read the positivity notes. It was such a giggly night of explaining inside jokes, old stories, uplifting thoughts, quotes and even some things I wish I could unsee…..

Anyway, I am going to continue my positivity jar no matter where I go. Whenever I’m feeling down I’ll take a dip into it, and once it’s full we’ll have a night of laughter and fun. Who doesn’t love that? I hope you try this and I hope you love it as much as I do!                                      

Here’s a picture of my mama and I and another picture of touring Curacao on ATVs, because family and travelling make me the happiest!

4 thoughts on “Want to smile?

  1. Hi Samara
    What a wonderful way to brighten up ones day!!! Good for ones mind, body and soul!!!
    I love reading your stories!!! They are so adventurous!!! Keep having fun!!!
    Love ya

    Sent from my iPhone

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