A love letter…

I’d like to say thank you.
Thank you for being there when every other being on this earth turns away or does not have words.
For allowing me to embrace into your sweetness; you understand. You’re always there, waiting for me to grab onto you and indulge in your granules of contentment.
You don’t judge me when I want to be alone with you and cry, allowing you to melt my sorrows away like sugar in the rain.
You have all sides; sweet when I am down, sharp when I need a kick in the morning and sometimes you surprise me with an inside I knew nothing about or a shell I must bite into to reach that luscious interior; but no matter what, you get me, no questions asked, no judgements taken.
You’re like no other escape; I can never sick of your nectarous effect.
It bewilders me; holds me; entices me; excites me; relaxes me; soothes me.
Celebrations are heightened, long days disappear.
Chocolate, I will always love you, like you have loved my soul, hips and buttocks.


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